Shorttrack blade SR2

Viking has combined the best features of existing short-track products with her proven techniques and high quality PM steel. Viking PM steel is constructed from high quality materials and built to last. Viking PM steel has a significantly lower sliding resistance and provides maximum traction and superb steering.

The V - 360 and SR2 contain a carefully measured hardness of 66 HRC Viking PM steel, combined with high quality aluminum , making them light, very durable and great for bending . The hardness and quality assures minimal maintenance and wear and tear by sharpening. The combination of characteristics  assure  great control and pressure dividing .

The geometry between the two types provides a substantial difference .The blade of  the golden V -360  is placed more outwardly in the tube, the geometric distribution of the SR2 is more symmetrical. Depending on the style and stability point of the rider the V-360 or SR2 makes a better fit. Ask your renowned Viking dealer for the additional features!

Available in sizes:  14" | 14.5” | 15" | 15.5” | 16” | 16.5”  | 17 | 17.5 | 18

Now available in renowned Viking stores!

  • Hardness Hardness
  • Material of blade Material of blade
  • Pitch size Pitch size
  • Material of cups Material of cups
  • Material of tube Material of tube
  • Blade steel Blade steel
  • Radius Radius