Custom Made Speedskate boot

Since many years Viking has provided skaters all over the world with high quality skates. From the 90’s onwards we have been providing  handmade and 'measured off the foot' skate shoes for most of the National and International Worldcup and Olympic skaters.

For several years now we have been also making handmade skating boots of high quality materials for recreational skaters, with the same procedure we use for our top level skaters, and completely adapted to the individual needs of the skater.

Via our certified skating specialists you can make an appointment with the Viking skating factory where the plaster casts of your feet will be made. During a special measuring appointment at Viking or our Service centre in Inzell (GE), we talk you through all the possibilities and we identify your needs. We also travel around, so please contact us via the contact form for possibilities for measurements.

A Custom Made is the ultimate Viking product for the very experienced skater. Everything is possible; a stiff or a soft heel, thermoplastic or not so, 100% rigid or with enough torsion, narrow, wide or roller blade fit, with cut-resistant sock or buckle .. In any color or design  the shoe will be tailored to your needs !

Want to know more ?

Check with your certified VIking skate retailer or contact us via the contact form. Open the dealer page on the Viking website for a specialist in your area !


Who uses them?  for instance...


Mannen: Vrouwen:
- Sven Kramer - Ireen Wüst
- Håvard Bøkko - Stephanie Beckert
- Patrick Beckert - Marrit Leenstra
- Mark Tuitert - Jorien Voorhuis
- Wouter olde Heuvel - Laurine van Riessen
- Bob de Jong - Olga Fatkulina
- Dmitry Lobkov - Linda de Vries
- Sverre Lunde Pedersen Hegge Bøkko
- Hein Otterspeer - Ida Njatun
- Dmitri Babenko  - Lotte van Beek