Rucksack with two compartments; a big one to store the skates, closable with a cord, and one compartment on the flap, closable with a zipper.

The rucksack has adjustable straps and a hip strap; the big compartment can also be tightened with four straps.
The Viking logo is embroidered vertically on the front side and the skater logo is embroidered on the flap.


* Material : Nylon 420D with PVC coating

* Colour : Viking Blue

* Number of compartments : 2

* Large compartment volume : 20 L

* Flap compartment volume : 1 L

* Dimensions : 15 x 30 x 50 cm.

* Logo : embroidered

* Carrying straps : Soft straps, width 60mm, with length


* Back panel : provided with foam and stitched through

* Hip strap : width 30mm, adjustable strap with two-point closure

* Bottom : bubble material with foam.   

€ 50,80