How to adjust your klap skates


Viking was the first to introduce skate shoes that can be adjusted relative to the blade in length as well as width.  


Nagano klap skates:

- Length adjustment:

On the outside of the bridge is a size scale in mm. (20-40) that indicates the distance from the heart of the turning point to the fixing bolt of the shoe. the distance is set on 35 mm. standard. Sprinters will move towards 40 mm.

- Width adjustment:

To adjust in width, the two fixing bolts of the shoe have to be loosened. The position depends on the skater and preference.

Sapphire position securing system:

Use the included sapphire mini Allen key to set the position of the bolt. This fixates the length adjustment to your personal preference!


Viking skates have been designed for mounting onto Viking skate shoes. Mounting other brands can lead to damage to the undercarriage.