Taking care of your blades

Taking care of your Viking blades

All Viking skates are designed and hand made in the Netherlands. As such we can preserve and guarantee extraordinary standards in products and services.

Our recommendations for taking care of your Viking blades to enjoy them to the fullest;  

Use and maintenance

  • Before and after each use check your gear, check for loose bolts etc.
  • After skating always dry your skates, the sooner the better and preferably dry again at home.
  • Store your blades without the guards.
  • Never leave your skates to dry next to central heating.
  • Keep the cutting edges of your blades sharpened and the Rocker maintained.
  • Generally the rocker will be set between 20 to 24 meters [professional]. Check our dealer network for a specialist near you on viking.nl
  • Make sure to always use a new bolt after loosening. This because the locking agent will function better with a fresh new bolt, and prevent friction.

Sapphire, Icon, Eclipse, Nanoflex

  • The bearing does not need greasing.
  • Check your springs after each use. Springs are available in 3 strengths. Red [light], blanc [medium] and black [tight]. Sprinters generally will use black springs.
  • Sapphire position securing system: use the included sapphire mini Allen key to set the position of the bolt. This fixates the length adjustment to your personal preference!

Nagano klap skates 

  • After each use check your gear, check for loose bolts, and use your included Allen Key. The maximum tightening moment is 8 Nm for the fixing bolts of the shoe and 4,5 Nm for the bolts of the turning point
  • Applying grease in Nagano skate: loosen one of two ball head bolts of the turning point, apply grease with your viking grease pump until filled completely. Apply new bolt with precoat locking agent in the axle, the grease will be divided by the lubricating groove in the axle.
  • The spring does not need maintenance. Important is not to overstretch the spring, for instance with walking prior to skating.
  • With intensive use preferably apply new synthetic grease twice every season. The Viking skate grease has been specially selected for use in klap skates.
  • See our FAQ on adjusting about how to adjust the length and width of your Nagano klap skates.

Viking skates have been designed for mounting onto Viking skate shoes. Mounting other brands can lead to damage to the undercarriage.