Taking care of your skate shoes

Taking care of your Viking skate shoes 

Our skates are produced using the finest quality materials and leathers. Each pair is individually hand-made, giving your Viking skates a unique look and feel.

Our recommendations for taking care of your Viking skate shoes to enjoy them to the fullest;


Maintaining leather shoes

  • Keep shoes preferably away from heat. Never leave to dry next to central heating. To dry faster use crumpled paper in the shoes. Paper will absorb the moisture and will help maintain the shape.
  • Use colorless shoe polish. Never use shoe polish on wet shoes. Do not use too much shoe polish as the leather can get clogged and lose the ability to breathe.
  • Clean shoes with a wet cloth or mild soap only. Do not use detergent or chemical solvents.
  • Leather is a natural material. It is important to leave your shoes to ‘air’ now and then.
  • When not using the shoes we advise to keep them in a ventilated space, this ensures that the material can breathe.


Boot Fitting and modelling

The best result can be achieved by having the shoe professionally fitted by a reputable Viking specialist. Measuring and vacuum-fitting requires specific knowledge and experience. Knowledge of foot shapes and last sizes is important. The proven method of boot fitting guarantees optimal performance and skating pleasure.

  • Use an oven that can hold a constant temperature, most ovens have a discrepancy of approx. 30 degrees Celsius after temperature setting. This can lead to damage by overheating.
  • Boot fitting The Gold model: max 70 degrees Celsius, max 10 minutes *
  • Boot fitting The Silver / Bronze models: max 60 degrees Celsius, 5 minutes*

* All depending on type of oven/specialist experience. This is a guideline.