Boot Fitting and modelling

Boot fitting and modelling

The best result can be achieved by having the shoe professionally fitted by a reputable Viking specialist. Measuring and vacuum-fitting requires specific knowledge and experience. Knowledge of foot shapes and last sizes is important. The proven method of boot fitting guarantees optimal performance and skating pleasure.

  • Use an oven that can hold a constant temperature, most ovens have a discrepancy of approx. 30 degrees Celsius after temperature setting. This can lead to damage by overheating.
  • Boot fitting The Gold model: max 70 degrees Celsius, max 10 minutes *
  • Boot fitting The Silver / Bronze models: max 60 degrees Celsius, 5 minutes* 
  • Be careful with heating manually with blowdryers, never apply heat at 1 point constantly.

* All depending on type of oven/specialist experience. This is a guideline.