Lace cover Gold boot


Personalize your skates with these cool boot covers!

New on the Gold shoe is the innovative closing system that makes it possible to replace the lace cover on your Gold boots. You can totally customize the shoe according to your own preferred color. With a choice out of 20 nice colored caps you can give your skate a completely different look at any time you feel like it. The hoods can be replaced in no time with a patented YKK ziplock system. Go for bright red, cozy yellow or an exclusive gold or silver.

The shades are available in three color / price classes;

Basic colors: black/blue - black/red - black/green - black pink lacquer - black/white
Special colors: black/fluoropink - black/fluor green - black/fluor yellow
Exclusive colors: black/gold - black/silver - black/mamba gold - black/mamba silver