VIking Nanoflex

Now even more control on the ice thanks to the Viking Nanoflex©. The Nanoflex© features a new Clapmechanism with a specially designed aluminum bracket with stainless steel ball bearings and springs. The springs are specially crafted for quick and easy changing. The undercarriage comes with three strengths of springs.

The tube is composed of carbon, very thin and light stainless steel and aluminum and provides optimum stability and control. The Nanoflex© gives the skater more pressure in the corners but keeps the so called 'Viking' feeling on the long end thanks to the combination of Nanoflex steel and carbon. Extra spring plates are not needed when using the Nanoflex©.
  • Material of the tube: Material of the tube:
  • Thickness of the blade: Thickness of the blade:
  • Material of the skating steel: Material of the skating steel:
  • Hardness: Hardness:
  • Attachment of skating steel: Attachment of skating steel:
  • After treatment: After treatment:
  • Finishing: Finishing:
  • Sizes: Sizes:
  • Bracket: Bracket:
  • Extra: Extra: