Marathon 1 blades


Viking marathon I tubes fit under any Viking shoe.

The marathon tube / iron can be mounted with fixed pots, or with a Viking klap set.

The fixed pots are available in two heights. High Pots or Low Pots, these two differ by thirteen mm. in height. Provided they are properly mounted, they are adjustable in width. The tube is made of carbon steel with a hardness of 58/60 HRC. This makes it suitable for the ice rink and natural ice.

For more information see the product specifications below.

  • Material of the tube: Steel
  • Hight: 35 mm.
  • Material of skatesteel: Alloyed Carbon Steel
  • Thickness of skatesteel: 1.1. mm.
  • Hardness: 59/60 HRC
  • Fixation of skateblade: Pointwelding
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: 34-45
  • Used With: low/high pots