Nagano Special 2005



The 2005 version of the Nagano special differs only little from the normal Nagano special. The Viking Nagano Special 2005 has the characteristic red anodized bridge which is made of 7075 aluminum. This high class material combined with the T-shape ensures that this bridge has 3x the tensile strength compared to the "normal" bridge / bracket that you see on the Nagano I and the Nagano Special.
  • Material of the tube: Steel
  • Material of the skating steel: HSS bimetal special steel
  • Thickness of the skating steel: 1.1 mm.
  • Hardness: 62/63 HRC
  • Attachment of the skating steel: Pointwelding and soft soldering
  • Color: Black
  • Height: 35 mm.
  • Sizes: 34-47
  • Bridge: Nagano 2005 Red