Custom Made Inline boot


Custom Made inline skating boots are the ultimate product for the very or advanced skater. During an intake appointment at Viking, we take you through all the possibilities and map out your needs. Everything is possible, extra padding, extra narrow or wide, and in any color or model. Viking will make your boots entirely according to your wishes!

The inline skating shoe is made with a continuous carbon sole. The distance of the mounting is 195 mm or it can be adjusted according to the type of frame used. If you already have your own foot last at Viking or if you already have custom made skating shoes, your inline boots are half the price. After all, we already have the lasts/mold in house.


Contact the renowned Viking specialist in your area. Your Viking dealer will give you more information and will put you in touch with Viking for an appointment at the Viking skating factory in Holland or nearest location.

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Together with Viking's custom-made specialists, you determine what is good for your technique and style. This is done during a fitting appointment with a Viking custom-made specialist. During this "boot fitting" appointment, the properties of the new shoes will be tailored to your needs together with you, after which Viking will start producing the shoes. The colors and printing are entirely up to you to decide, within the capabilities of the design team.

o Duration of intake and adjustment; about two hours
o Your Viking sales location will inform you when the boots are ready for you.
o Adjustment and payment is done in the shop at your Viking point of sale
o The delivery time is approximately 16-18 weeks. Barring unforeseen circumstances & summer closure production location
o For questions; contact or follow-up appointments at Viking are always possible

Custom Made shoes are intended for the experienced or sporty skaters, with specific requirements and preferences. Viking custom-made shoes are less suitable for skaters with a pure desire for comfort or a solution for difficult feet, but in the latter case, the Viking specialists can always try to help you. 

Viking is known worldwide for its services and the high quality products we make for the international and professional skating sport. In the 1990s, we were the first manufacturer to start making custom-made ice skating shoes. Since then we have helped countless skaters with custom shoes specially tailored to their wishes.

For several years now, it has also been possible for semi-professionals to have custom-made skate or inline skating shoes of high quality measured at Viking, tailored to the individual needs of the skater himself.

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