Skating helmet V-print

Skate Helmet Vprint

Your safety comes first, even so on the ice. As of the 2016 season, wearing an approved skating helmet has been made mandatory on organized tours such as the Weissensee skate tour in Austria.

The special  Vprint helmet from Viking is available in 2 colors; Blue/Black - Gray/Black in two sizes S/M and L. The helmet is approved for long track and short track skating and for use on skeelers, according to the regulations made up by the International Skating Union ISU.

- Safe round back
- Viking own design
- Four colors available
- Size S / M (55-58)
- Size L (58-61)
- Sizes are adjustable by means of rotary knob on the back.

- Complies with ASTM * standard
- ASTM F 1849-07 plus ASTM F1446-12
- Tested by SGS
- Tested in accordance with the ISU regulations
- applications inv ISU regulations for competition use
- ICS 13.340.20 (Head Protective Equipment)
- Tested according to EN1078 standard