The shoe has a thermoplastic Cup, made on a Gold 2005 last. The sole allows for torsion, a heel that has been reinforced with carbon and a high counter for additional support around the ankles. From outside the shoe is provided with black kangaroo leather, on which the sVenK has been printed by means of sublimation. In order to get a nice contrast, various stitching have been applied in the same colour as the logo. The laces are covered with an elastic cap. The interior lining is beige and is made of glossy calf’s leather. The sVenK is exclusively sold as a set in the sizes 34 to 46. The time of delivery is about 6 weeks.


The skate tube is a Viking Nagano Sprint PM 1.1 mm tube. This is a tube with a height of 40 mm in PM quality steel. The tube is finished with black varnish. The Viking Nagano clap mechanism consists of an aluminium bracket with quality 7075. The bracket has a strengthening back and six holes for weight saving. This is provided with two bronze slide bearings and a stainless steel axle. The brackets, on which a maximum of 15 characters can be etched, are gold coloured.

The svenk skate is the only competitive skate that Viking offers in a set. All other competitive skates are sold separate, as competitive skates will choose their boots and blades according to their own preferences. VIking offers an extensive range of competitive boots and undercarriages separately.

  • Material of the tube: Material of the tube:
  • Thickness of the tube: Thickness of the tube:
  • Material of the skating steel: Material of the skating steel:
  • Thickness of the skating steel: Thickness of the skating steel:
  • Hardness: Hardness:
  • Attachment of the skating steel: Attachment of the skating steel:
  • After treatment: After treatment:
  • Finishing: Finishing:
  • Colour: Colour:
  • Height: Height:
  • Sizes: Sizes:
  • Bracket: Bracket:
Kangooroo leather
S last
Split leather
Thermoplastic material
Cup shoe
Sole with Torsion