Bronze Special [fixed]


The sturdy Bronze shoe is super versatile and suitable for the recreational, sporty and young competitive skaters. The strong but light cup-based shoe can be modeled through thermofitting. The bronze brings comfort without being expensive.

In combination with marathon special tubes and low pots, the Bronze shoe is perfectly suitable for learning the basics or for beautiful trips on natural ice. A fixed skate is safe on outdoor ice, see our blog "about natural ice". The special steel that is used for the skate blade is of a very high quality and therefore very durable, wear-resistant and easy to maintain.

- thermo ftting heel part
- universal fit
- safe lace protection hood
- light and strong carboncup
- comfort versus convenience

  • Shoe: Bronze
  • Blades: Marathon Special blades
  • Sizes: 33-36 and 37-47 [price diff.]
  • Material of tube: Steel
  • Material of skate blade: HSS Bimetal Special steel 63 HRC
  • Fixation skate blade: Pointwelding and soldering
  • System: Nagano
  • Extra: Reinforced lace holes
M last
Split leather
Thermoplastic material
Cup shoe