The Viking Original

Viking has combined the best features of their conventional skates like the Viking I, Viking II and Viking Mid models into  "The Viking Original" model. This skate is ideal for the novice skater who wants to further develop his technique, and is based on the leather skates so many of us learned to skate on.

This skate has a full-grain cowhide leather shoe (upper skin layer, best quality) with a thickness of 1.1-1.3 mm. This thickness allows for flexibility but more importantly enough support . A striking feature of this leather shoe is the recognizable Viking beige lace trim, which provides additional reinforcement of the eyelets.The Viking Original is provided with a set-in arch support for additional support and prevention of cramping under the base of the foot. The inside is fully lined with a natural-colored splitcroupon leather. 

The skate of The Viking Original is of high quality carbon steel with a thickness of 1.1 mm. For extra strength, the connection between tube and skate is both spot-welded as soldered.

  • Under Frame: Under Frame:
  • Material of tube: Material of tube:
  • Diameter of tube: Diameter of tube:
  • Material of skating steel: Material of skating steel:
  • Thickness of skating steel: Thickness of skating steel:
  • Attachment of skating steel: Attachment of skating steel:
  • After treatment: After treatment:
  • Colour: Colour:
  • Sizes: Sizes:
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