Viking’s Icon skate is based on the qualities of the world famous Nagano skate, the very first klap skate on earth made by Viking. To match the Nagano’s success, Viking’s skate designers have made use of a range of innovative production methods. The result is the ICON, an outstandingly controllable and stable skate of unprecedented class. An iconic competition skate, faster, even better produced than ever thought possible and with the lightest construction in the Viking line-up.


The ultimate all-round skate

The Viking design team started out with a mission: to create a skate with all the qualities of the famous Nagano skate but new and improved. Which turned out a 2.0 version, lighter and simply more beautiful. A solid skate with a skateblade made of the very best quality bimetal PM steel, which any skater at any level can use with ease.


Steering, stability and pressure

The Icon has acquired a number of exclusive characteristics. The tube is fully closed off at both front and rear, it utilises a unique hinge assembly method and the Icon is provided with an extra-wide core stability bridge as standard. As a skater you immediately notice the more direct steering and enhanced stability. In other words: an excellent combination of grip when cornering and ease to steer inwards on the straights. For ease of use, the Icon  is equipped with an optimized klap system with tension springs, available in three strengths. The black anodised bridge is made out of ultra-light aluminium. The light weight skate contributes to a minimum of friction  when skating to ensure faster times!


Inimitable production method

Thanks to the innovative laser welding technique using unique welding positions and welding moulds, the Icon is entirely tension-free. Simply put, this guarantees that after every stroke the skate returns to its previous shape, ensuring that a well-placed ‘bend’ remains in place. The skate is easy to position and steering is very direct.  This enables skaters at all levels to handle the Icon with ease. As the successor to the Nagano skate, the Icon is the unchallenged ultimate all-round skate.


Exceptional gliding power

The sides of the 66 HRC PM bimetal skate blades are polished completely flat using a surface grinder, offering minimal gliding resistance, again making it easier to measure a carefully placed bend. The exceptionally high finish also ensures trouble-free deburring. Taken together this will make you faster both on ánd next to the ice.